Competition to Push BRINK to the Brink??

One game that I’ve been very interested in from the get-go since I saw it on a MUST-WATCH list last year is BRINK. Everything about the game from its art style to character customization to SMART movement system looked great. Hearing the news that it was pushed back to Spring 2011 pains me, as it will now have to compete with, at the very least, Gears of War 3 (April 2011).

Not good for a new IP.

This past ‘Spring’, another new IP, Alan Wake, had to rumble with Red Dead Redemption. I understand that Red Dead Redemption isn’t a ‘new’ IP (Red Dead Revolver from Original Xbox), but it’s bloody Rockstar for crying out loud. I looked at the numbers and RDR was first and Alan Wake a DISTANT second.

I understand that jockeying for positioning in sales is important, but you have to understand trends and history and pick your spots. Take October 2010 for example. You have EA’s Medal of Honor reboot (looks amazing) on October 12 and Fallout New Vegas (although a non-Bethesda version) on October 19. In other words, October’s pretty much off-limits. November is normally the month to hit if you want holiday money. Now this would likely have been a nice time to sneak a new IP into the fold (a la BORDERLANDS in 2009), but that wasn’t what Bethesda wanted to do, so it was pushed to Spring.

If Bethesda is smart (which they normally are), they will put it out in mid-March. That way, it will have at least two weeks to grab gamers’ collective attention before the COG’s start chainsawing some Locust freaks.

I’m personally going out on a limb and called BRINK the BORDERLANDS of 2011. Bold prediction? Maybe, but I’m all about going BOLD or going HOME.

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  • I got a chance to play Brink at E3. In my opinion, and the opinion of Wayne from the Target Demographic, it was kinda ass. It was very generic and not very fun.

  • Very logical statement.

    PS: Lol. “I’m all about going BOLD or going HOME.”