Critical Strike 57: Filling Each Other In

So since Kyle and Pete (from the PSNerds) decided to go on sabbatical. Billy and myself decided to get together and do a episode that will be released as Critical Strike and PSNerds! It felt a bit strange since I’m so used to having Kyle at each episode but it was a fun experience anyhow. Thanks Billy for allowing me to fill in for PSNerds and thank you for filling in for Critical Strike! Here’s what we discussed: My trip to Funspot’s classic arcade tournament, Joe Danger, Modnation Racers, Lost Planet 2, PSN+, Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Music in this episode: Mega Man Remastered HD (Cutman), International Karate (C64) Cover

You can reach us at [email protected], leave a voicemail at (909) 278-7453 or Twitter at criticalstrike

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