The Round Table: 06/20/2010

[The Round Table is designed for gamers to come together to debate the real issues. No silly format wars here. Bring your best debating equipment, set up camp and let the discussion fireworks fly. Let’s make progress, let’s come to a consensus on the biggest issues since our realization that games can be something more. We won’t be debating ‘games iz art’ as that’s now pretty much a ‘yes’; we’re going steps beyond and into harm’s way. This is very touchy territory. There are now real rules to debating in The Round Table, other than one – be nice.]

It’s been one of the most fast paced weeks in gaming history. This is where our very future fate could be decided, at E3. I honestly believe that with enough content and presentation, the industry can shift into something completely different. It’s already happened with motion control and it’s kind of happening with 3D. So, E3 has come and gone but I am not here to ask who had the better conference; I am here to ask who had the better chance. Who do you believe, out of any of the publishers or ‘big three’ could lead us to a new golden utopia of gaming euphoria?

Which of the publishers or ‘big three’ do you think has he potential to innovate in both new technologies and new game design?

I believe Nintendo had the best conference, but Sony are the best candidates. Out of all three of them, they are supporting a massive line-up of indie titles such as Joe Danger and (one of my favourite games of 2009) Pixeljunk Shooter. This isn’t to ignore Microsoft, who put the bravest and boldest on the XBLA (Braid for instance, considered by many to be a high ‘artgame’), but I feel that Sony just know what they’re doing. Q Games and many other developers fall under the PSN branch, and although you have to hand it to Nintendo for innovating into WiiWare, they’re not directly investing in indie developers.

Think differently? Want to call ME out? Get the discussion flowing in the comments section below.

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