High-Def Pixels in Perfect Harmony

It would seem Castlevania, a franchise I grew up with and love, is having something of a resurgence. Many people are of course excited for Lords of Shadow — with Kojima having a hand in its development, can you blame them? — but let us not forget the recently announced XBLA Summer of Arcade announcement. You know, the one that touched on Castlevania: Harmony of Despair?

Harmony of Despair is a new 2D sidescroller in the vein (no pun intended) of Symphony of the Night. True to form, Harmony will find a whip-cracking vampire hunter on a quest to, well, hunt vampires. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh wait, yeah it does. Since this new Castlevania is going to be available on the 360, you can expect some high-def visuals as well as co-op that supports up to six players.

As of right now, Harmony of Despair is lacking a dollar amount, but I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to slap a $15 price tag — that’s 1200 MP — on it. Three huzzahs for the return of pixels!

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