P*N & Playdate: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

What’s up again Platform Nation community, I am pleased to tell you that we have hooked up with and got ourselves a Community Playdate for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Platform Nation will be online Wednesday, June 23, starting at 7:00 P.M. ET (4:00 P.M. PT) playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Just send a friend request or message to these gamertags to join in on the action:

OK now here is the good stuff, we have some awesome gaming gear to giveaway. Thanks to Kontrol Freek we have several FPS Freeks & Speed Freeks to giveaway. Now if you don’t have any clue as to what these Kontrol Freek products are, let me fill you in.

The FPS Freek is an Xbox 360 and PS3 controller mod increases your accuracy in first-person shooter games like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty and others.  FPS Freek was designed and tested by professional gamers in tournaments across the country and the results are clear – FPS Freek enhances aiming precision and increases game performance with a minimal learning curve.

The Speed Freek gives gamers added control and comfort when playing racing, aviation and other similar movement game titles.  The SpeedFreek’s unique design allows gamers to relax their thumbs while keeping in constant contact with the controller surface. Additionally,  the SpeedFreek’s supporting side walls enable sharper movements while adding control and precision.

For more info on all of Kontrol Freek’s products head over their site; and have a look because they have some great products.

Now if you want your chance to win either a FPS Freek or the Speed Freek here’s how below.

To qualify to win, head over to our Facebook event page, RSVP the Game Night then leave your Xbox Live Gamertag in a comment, then just turn up on the night. Winners will be chosen at random over the course of the whole Game Night.

Have any questions or general discussions head here on our forums and I’m sure one of the lovely people here at P*N will get back to you. Hope to see you there.

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