Xbox 360 S Didn’t Take Cues From PlayStation 3 Slim

Last week at E3, each of the three console manufacturers revealed new games, and two of them revealed new hardware. While Nintendo broke silence on the Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft unveiled a new iteration of the Xbox 360, codenamed “Xbox 360 S” in technical specifications. This slimmer, quieter design immediately hit shelves, and in many cases, sold out (my local GameStop, for example, got six and sold them that day). It’s not the first diet a console has gone on, and some wondered if this was a reactionary move to the PlayStation 3’s trimming last year.

CVG asked Ryan Moore, worldwide product marketing manager for Xbox of this belief, with the response

I think the decision to do this was made before their announcements last year. It’s part of the natural generation of a console to refine the components and make it sleeker and quieter and all that.

It’s far from the first redesign a console has undergone in it’s shelf life, and console redesigns can always be seen as a way to boost sagging sales.

Personally, I find the redesign worth the upgrade. I’ve started trading things in from my Call Of Duty Xbox 360 to get this new version. I’m the third on this batch of preorders at GameStop, and it’s all for more USB ports and that Kinect port. Hopefully, I’ll be gaming within the week.

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  • Tweeder

    Gripping news story. Real quality stuff here.

    It’s nothing new for a console to Slim down once technology improves and they can do so. NES, Sega Genesis, and Playstation 2 all did it. Not to mention pratically every version of the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo DS’s getting a slim version when technology makes it possible.

    Stop trying to insinuate the PS3 Vs 360 war is more than it is.

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  • Jason

    Sony has been doing that since PlayStation 1.

    • Deadred

      good on sony, but as mentioned, so has virtually every other maker of a console before sony ever thought of getting into the game.