“You Don’t Know Jack” Making A Comeback?

The classic and always humorous PC trivia game seems to be on its way to a renewal, as developer Jellyvision has entered into a partnership with THQ.  While not many details are known about either the publishing deal or the new game (Jellyvision itself has been deliberately obtuse about it), the news is undoubtedly welcome to anyone who has played the previous games.

Personally, I thought the series worked well when it was released a few years ago in an episodic format (check it out – it’s free), and would love to see the new game follow the lead of 1 vs. 100 on the Xbox.  More info regarding this development has been promised by Mike Bilder, GM of Jellyvision, so hopefully we’ll get a release date and/or some juicy details about the game soon.

Source: 1up, Giant Bomb

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  • I always did love this game — was brilliant with company, and always humorous.

    Now I just need Acrophobia to make a comeback on Xbox Live and I’ll be living in bliss