A Week After Nintendo’s E3

There seems to be some unwritten creed that if everyone on the Internet agrees with it, no matter how stupid or crazy it is, it’s accepted as a fact; and in regards to Nintendo’s E3, this is no different. They won it. End of story. It has been over a week since Nintendo’s E3 and it has left us with a number of things to take a way, I have to admit, after Microsoft’s shaky E3, I was sceptical about Nintendo’s.  Following on from the 360’s attempt to get people off the sofa, memories of the Wii’s badly acted and cringe worthy E3 ‘08 began to brew. However, right from the start, the concerns and nightmares were drained out of my head as Nintendo kept shooting and never missed. I wasn’t bored; I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time, Nintendo’s E3 was utterly engaging to watch. I suppose it helps that they managed to get my attention instantly with their revealing of a highly anticipated game, Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword.

Although we all knew Zelda would be appearing at E3, Zelda’s latest iteration was a genuine surprise. After going through several pages of rumours beforehand, most of which were entirely false. Personally, I didn’t actually expect Skyward Sword to be cell-shaded due to that format being reserved for the DS. Then I thought, “It’s for the best” because when you look back on it, Twilight Princess looks quite dated and gritty now, while Wind Waker still looks magnificent despite being the older game. People just seem to look like melted action figures when trying to put realistic visuals on the Wii, so I guess that choice in art style makes sense, and it has most certainly paid off, it’s looks very, very pretty.

Additionally, there was something else that quite literally struck me. Motion Plus is actually being used. Yeah, I know we knew that a year ago as well, but my God, Zelda has really benefited from it. Most of us didn’t really see this either because Miyamoto’s showing didn’t work properly, but when you saw others playing it afterwards, the controls work perfectly. The combat is generally much more engrossing and immerse, and the ‘Skyward Sword’ has a massive variation of uses. Wind Waker easily had the best duels within a Zelda game and I believe this is a sign that Skyward Sword will inherit its throne. And of course, that’s not the only change. Other weapons such as the Bombs and the Bow have also been drowned into this apparent depth; but let’s not dwell on that, alas, Nintendo had much more up its sleeve…

Yarn to be precise. Epic Yarn, Kirby: Epic Yarn. Perhaps one of the greatest titles ever, I was deeply impressed with the style Nintendo have gone here. Instead of Kirby being manipulated by what he digests, Kirby seems to transform in regards to his environment. It’s hard to describe and I’m not really entirely sure, but that just makes me even more interested in this game. A really neat return to form for Kirby, and that wasn’t the only one either. Donkey Kong also got a revamp with his upcoming adventure, Donkey Kong Country Returns. In contrast, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are heading in the direction of being more traditional, combining the classics’ beloved traits with new features such as Co-op.

Towards the end of the conference however, Nintendo started to revise its future, as the 3DS was slowly raised upon Earth; featuring a host of interesting new concepts, such as, two cameras on the front to utilize 3D pictures, an analogue-like slider for precision and of course, the ability to play games in 3D without the need for glasses. Unfortunately though, none of us could actually see the games in 3D presentation for obvious reasons, so Nintendo devised an amusing short video for us, which is still worth a look.

Although, it wasn’t just the technology that was tantalising, Nintendo have a phenomenal line-up for the 3DS ranging from classics like Mario Kart and Ocarina of Time remake to Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. It’s quite evident that there are a lot of developers interested in the 3DS’ functionality and as a result of it, there’s truly something for everyone (click here to see in full). However, there was only one game that Nintendo actually presented within the conference, Kid Icarus : Uprising, bringing us nicely back to the resurrecting theme. Ever since Brawl people have wanted a new Kid Icarus despite its history, and Nintendo delivered with even a small apology from Pit himself at the start of the trailer. While we can see that it’s not quite up to Brawl’s standard of visuals, Uprising has borrowed a lot from Brawl and it’s has really shown how powerful this system is. It has really re-ignited my Nintendo love, it has really made me extremely looking forward to the 3DS among everything else, it truly stands out from the crowd; as Microsoft and Sony have only just begun started to wiggle around, Nintendo prevails with the next new thing. As soon as the conference ended and a cluster of babes walked down from the stage with 3DSes, I knew it. Nintendo knew it. The Internet knew it. Nintendo had won E3 and brought back a lot of old fanboys’ hearts, and what’s more, they have a really promising future ahead of them. Undeniable proof that an old dog can still have new tricks.

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