Counter Strike: Source Updated, Available For The Mac

“Ok you guys, let’s move out” “Boom Headshot!” That’s right, the #1, widely known FPS, that provided endless hours of online multiplayer and has spawned many hilarious videos and sound clips, is now available on the Mac via Steam. What game is that you say? Why it’s Counter Strike: Source (CSS) of course!

Aside from being available on the Mac, CSS features cross-platform play, achievements, stats, engine updates, and much more. Keep in mind that this is a Steam Play title so if you already own it on the PC, you’ll be able to download it at no additional cost on the Mac.

If you are one of those few people that haven’t bought this game yet, now might be a good time as you can get the game for less than half of the regular price – 66% off on Steam for a limited time.

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