Microsoft’s Kinect Official Pricing Still Unknown

A post made on UK MSN Tech & Gadget page raises some questions about the “all but confirmed” price tag of $149 for Microsoft’s new motion sensing peripheral, Kinect.  Previous on the official Microsoft Store site, it listed the Kinect for $149.99 with no disclaimer about the price not being confirmed.  Many gaming sites took this as a confirmation of the price and reported as such.

However, it appears that now the Microsoft Store page has added a disclaimer to the page showing the Kinect details and price.  That disclaimer reads “Official pricing has not been announced. $149.99 is an estimate only and subject to change.”

Microsoft employee  Stephen Toulouse, on his Twitter page @Stepto made this announcement about the pricing “Guys I have nothing to do with Kinect Pricing. All prices now *no matter what the retail source* are placeholders. We’ve not announced. :>”

I have to wonder if this development is in response to criticism of the price and/or reaction to Sony’s lower price announcement for their own motion control controllers, Move.  As for now, it appears that we’ll have to wait for an official price announcement.

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  • Like Patcher said on the bonus round. PS Move will still cost more than Kinect is you want to get the full effect. Why? The Fighter game, you need two move controllers. Here are some break downs:

    Bundle (Move, camera, game): $99.99
    2nd Move Controller: $49.99
    Navigational controller: $29.99

    If you don’t get the bundle, the PS eye camera is $39.99

    Total: $179.97 vs. $149.99

    • You don’t need the nav controller, they have already said that a regular controller will sub in just fine for it

      • It’ll sub in just fine, but imagine using the analog stick and trying to press the buttons with a regular controller? The Nav controller makes that much easier and proper.

  • As well, Kinect costs $150 to make, so that is where they are getting the numbers from. It isn’t confirmed because they are trying to decide what would be a reasonable price when lowered.

  • Freakizoid

    I hardly agree that the Kine…ahhh whatever, Natal costs 150$ to make. Traditionally, if it’s hardware, it’s sold at a loss.

    I would imagine that the $150 price tag unconfirmed all over the place is a way to test the market, to see if people would actually pay that much.

    Sure, you’ll have the hardcore idiots like myself who line up for new technology the day it gets released, even if they require blood as part of the fee, but this is them trying to get into a whole new market as well.

    1.) Release unconfirmed price.
    2.) Interewbz goes nuts “I’m not paying that much”
    3.) Reduce price to 129 or 99$
    4.) Interwebz now think MS listens and loves them
    5.) Steal market share from Sony and Nintendo.

    Thats my 2 cents.

    • Agreed.

    • That is kind of what I think as well.

      The “leak” of the unofficial price of $149.99 was a way to test the market.

      Now that they have heard the backlash against the price, they can sell it cheaper and win. If it comes out at $129 many will probably buy and think they win because it’s $20 cheaper then originally reported.

      If they sell it at $99 I bet a lot more buy and they make more of a dent in the Sony Move camp.