The Feedback Infinity Ward Might Not Want

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Thomas Tippl, Chief Operating Officer at publishing giant Activision, has called for the public to air its views on the recent trials and tribulations of Infinity Ward. Speaking at E3, Tippl outlined some of his plans for the rehabilitation of the ailing Modern Warfare developer, including the creation of a public hotline for any Call of Duty fanatics needing to get something other than a sticky grenade off of their chests.

Tippl’s stated intentions are all very well but they beg the question of what sort of sage pieces of advice are Acti expecting to glean from Infinity Ward’s loyal fanbase? In no particular order, here’s a suggested Top 5 messages that Infinity Ward would NOT want to receive on their voicemail:

  1. I was on 11th prestige but my XBL account got deleted, honest!
  2. I’m calling about that game I haven’t played and in particular I wanted to mention that level in the airport that I probably would have skipped anyway… I think it’s a shocking outrage to feed our children such filth!
  3. Some 13-year-old kid just called me a %!!*!!!*&&&! baby during a deathmatch and I’m calling you to cry about it.
  4. 1600 Microsoft points? Are you KIDDING ME?
  5. Hello, is this Treyarch?

Source: Industry Gamers

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  • StylelessKnave

    Lol “…is this Treyarch?”