Digital Cowboys: Episode 162

DC 162

“Live” Digital Rodeo 2010.

This is actually our second anual community meeting, but the first where we’ve recorded a podcast together. Twelve members of the DC community all converged on Alton Towers for a grand meet up.

Alex “Cowboy” Shaw

Tony “Ghost World” Atkins

Sharon “SouthernLights” Shaw

Lizz “LyraSilver” Atkins

Daryl “Killercadet” Sellick

Jeff “Jeff Merlehan!” Merlehan

Damon “Quizzzicaldemon” Foster

Steve “Count Stex” Jones

Linda “Penguin Girl” Thompson

Joshua “Combine Hunter” Garrity

Giles “Gile5″ Thomas

and James “Mijmeister” Perkins (Mij’s new IDFKA podcast is available to download on iTunes and everywhere else you find podcasts)

So enjoy the show. it’s fairly poor sound quality, but considering it was a single mic courtesy of Giles, we actually all sound clear enough.

First up there’s a DC general knowledge quiz with fabulous prizes at stake.

Then we field some questions about how we make the show.

We follow up with some round the room Pre-E3 predictions, virtually all of which are more exciting than what actually happens. (And a few that are scarily accurate).

We close out with “Live” audio footage of several rides from the park. We get wet, we get photographed and I confront my fear of heights in the cable cars.

It was a fantastic weekend and we urge you all to attend the next one.

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