No FFXIV for Xbox 360

There has been some news going back and forth on this, but it’s looking more final now.  Final Fantasy XIV Online director Hiromichi Tanaka has gone on record saying that the “closed” nature of Xbox Live is keeping the game from making an Xbox 360 appearance.

But don’t put all of your hate on Tanaka just yet.  He was quoted saying, “Microsoft has a different point of view: they want to have a closed environment for Xbox Live. We’re still talking to… We couldn’t come to an agreement on Xbox Live.”  Looks to me like he’s not against having Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox 360, but rather Microsoft is against opening up it’s structure.

Of course, this could all change in the near future, as Final Fantasy XI is still alive and well on Xbox Live.  Maybe we can read between the lines here and see some sort of timed exclusivity deal with Sony.  Time will tell.

Source: Eurogamer

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