Sniper: Ghost Warrior Presents A Q&A With Senior Producer Lukas Janczuk

Out today is the next hit game Sniper: Ghost Warrior for the PC and the Xbox 360.  In the game you play as a Ghost Warrior an elite sniper in a highly trained Special Ops unit.  The game is set to feature 12 person multiplayer battles featuring 6 custom created maps, the multiplayer feature isn’t the only highlight as it also has a bullet cam mode that allows you to watch your bullet strike with pin point accuracy.  Now who doesn’t love to watch that perfect head shot you just scored on your opponent.

Now that we have told you a little bit about the game below you will find a *Question and Answer session with the Senior Producer of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Lukas Janczuk.

1.   What were your goals as game designers in your development of the sniper based multi-player missions?

We wanted to bring the sniping experience from single player to multiplayer and at the same time amp up the stakes and the action. Snipers love to surprise their opponents and deliver precise head shots from vantage points anywhere on the map. This is exactly the experience that we wanted to give to our players – the adrenaline rush and satisfaction that comes from delivering a lethal kill in one well placed shot.

2.    How many maps will be in Sniper: Ghost Warrior’s multi-player?

We are starting with six unique multi-player maps.  Three of the six we designed specifically for Deathmatch and the other three were designed for both Team Deathmatch and VIP modes. Each map supports a maximum 12 players in one match.

3.  What can players expect in a Sniper vs. Sniper match?

That great feeling that you always get in a multiplayer game when as a sniper you outmaneuver, outwit and wipeout your opponent.  Plus, the tension should be enormous because one small slip-up could mean game over for you.

4.  What match types will there be?

We are going to have three types of matches: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and VIP mode. A cool feature in VIP mode is that the player who is the VIP will achieve bonus points for killing opponents. Players on the opposing squad can strategically go after the other team’s VIP and collect bonus points for killing this player. Alternatively they can focus on killing others who are also going after the VIP to collect additional points.

5.  Will all the matches be sniper based or will there be tactical missions as well?

All the multiplayer matches are designed and intended to be exclusively sniper based. There are so many other cool games on the market where players can participate in classic tactical missions with assault rifles and other weapons. It was important to us to create a multiplayer gaming experience that is 100% sniper focused. This way, players can rely on stealth, cover and aim to take out their opponents without someone rushing them with a machine gun.

6.     Can you describe the maps for Sniper: Ghost Warrior’s multiplayer mode?

We have a range of map sizes that have been designed to deliver a good balance of action and stealth. We think the map designs really deliver optimized gameplay and are both interesting from a terrain and environment standpoint as well as challenging from a pure gameplay standpoint.

7.     Are you creating new maps for the multi-player missions or repurposing existing ones?

We went to the drawing board and designed maps specifically for multiplayer mode.  The selection of multiplayer maps for Sniper: Ghost Warrior is 90% original. There is one killer map that worked from the single player mode that we loved, so we made some adjustments so we could include it in the multiplayer action.

8.     Can two players play in co-op as a “Spotter & Sniper” team?

This is a question we get often. While co-op play is becoming increasingly relevant to the modern game player, we decided not to include this in multiplayer. Although spotters are an important element in real-world sniping, from a gameplay standpoint, it is way more fun for players to kill enemies by themselves then to mark targets for another player. At the top of the match, it is more fun to have a sniper rifle in your hand than having binoculars for marking targets.

9.     What are a few of the XBLA Achievements available to players in multiplayer?

We had a lot of fun with these but let me tease you with one. We have what we call a “One shot, two kills” achievement for killing 2 enemies with one, precise headshot. Achievement is followed by cool bullet-camera animation. It was a huge hit during our E3 presentation this year! There are more achievements available and they will be revealed later.

10. Are there any plans for downloadable content?

Yes! We are working on some downloadable content which will be revealed in the weeks to come.

**This Q&A was not conducted by Platform Nation it is information we received via Press Release

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  • Great article. Im looking forward to buying this game next week! One thing that irritates me about CODMW2 (which I love btw) is that everyone bum rushes with machine guns and totally eliminates any kind of strategy. This game seems to alleviate that issue.

  • Excellent article the only thing after buying this amazing Sniper title In multilayer I found it has a radar pointing to the enemy’s location hardly a sniper v sniper game it is a real shame that they never included an option to remove it for those player wishing to find a more immersible gaming experience in fact It is a bit of a let down lets just hope they either

    1/ release a patch to fix it asap
    2/ release a SDK tool so we the modders can remove it ourselves and start making bigger maps

    many thanks great game regardless but it can be improved 10 fold

  • personally this is one of the only games i truly enjoyed playing online i mean i loved cod and halo bu befor iknew it i wasnt even playing the games just forcing myself for the lousey aceivements, but in this game its a pure focus on realism except for the amount of damage some characters online can take as 4 the gps ifused compas witch i loved by te way because it alows everyone to be a generic character without being sleezy and pinpointing them 4 you, some players will be extremely surprised on how whell u can actually conceile yourself. my only real complaints 4 this game was the fact that u couldnt carry binoculars, and that players couldnt be wounded to milk some extra shot or point in the case of online. and as 4 the score i believe that games like sniper and manhunt will comtinue to get bad score until they are more scially accepabt because its simple no government wants the entire populace running around with marksman and assasination experience on their shoulders

  • need to rename this game “sniper: ghost Cheat
    So many hackers

  • Acpurdy

    Can you play co-op offline?

  • Acpurdy

    Can you play co-op offline?