Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser Battle DLC Coming Soon!

Yup that’s right, one of the best XBLA games of 2010 is getting some much needed DLC which is dubbed “The Kaiser Battle”.

The Kaiser Battle DLC will allow you to enter the battle as a toy solider in the French Army.You will encounter a ‘new experimental boss’, and battle into the wee hours of the morning in new multiplayer and Survival Mode maps and has 3 new achievements; Base Rat, Land Ship & Grass Cutter, raising the gamerscore up to 250g.

I for one will be picking this DLC up day one as I think that Toy Soldiers was one of the best XBLA games to date. The DLC pack has no release date or price as of yet, but rest assure when we get hold of it, Platform Nation will let you know. Below you can find everything the new DLC packs contains along with some screenshots.

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  • Play as the French Army! In addition to entirely new French Unit Skins, players can choose from two new units including the French Hotchkiss Machine Gun and French Canon de 75 Howitzer.
  • New French Mini-Campaign! Three new single player levels including: Blucher-Yorck, Operation Gneisenau and The Last Offensive.
  • New Experimental Boss, the mammoth German
  • Players can battle it out with their friends in split-screen or on Xbox LIVE with two new Multiplayer Maps, Georgette and Mountain of Reims.
  • Survival Mode is back and bigger than ever before! Fight to the last man standing in a new and much larger Survival Mode environment.
  • Three new Achievements: Base Rat – Players who find all the golden cubes hidden in the new French single player campaign will earn 15 gamer points; Land Ship – Players who defeat the German K-Wagen Boss will earn 25 gamer points; Grass Cutter – Players who get a 40x blast combo will earn 10 gamer points.
  • Keeping with the unique art style of Toy Soldiers, new French inspired art will be available including: new French soldiers and officers, unique French Props, and much more!


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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I hole-heartedly endorse this article! Toy Soldiers is the best arcade game out there. BUY IT NOW!!! I know I will be in line with the Boss to get the Kaiser Battle dlc.

  • Masahikox

    I will definetely buy it no matter what. Signal Studios has to be promoeted for its masterpiece. I hope they will also make a DLC for the Austrian – Hungarian Troops also.

  • BlindFire2112

    hey just a quick note the dlc has been announced to be released on the 30th of June (AKA tommorrow) for 400MSP by the looks of it not bad for the price and we return me to my much loved but neglected game. go buy it now

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