Who Are The Hidden People?

There has been some mysterious goings on and we need your help.  First if you could check out the some of the videos below and maybe answer the question “Who are the Hidden People”?  As you can see the apparitions are small in stature but the question still needs to be answered and we are hoping you can help.  We are supposed to see who they are today June 25, 2010 and I can’t wait to see who these hidden people are.

Make sure to checkout the website below and maybe you will figure out who they are before the announcement is made.

Strange beings and apparitions are squeezing through the cracks of this world from the one beyond ours. Hunched, gnome like figures, misty spirits and strange, puzzling voices are turning perception on its side by creating mystery where there once was none.

Follow the link below to see first hand video of actual sightings and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of the Hidden People.

These occurrences are the tell tale signs of their arrival.

The Hidden People are coming to erase the perception of what we call reality.

You cannot say you were not warned. All will be revealed on June 25th

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