Dragon Age + Kinect = ??? — My Dream Come True

So, earlier this week, while driving to work here in Cary, NC, I had a vision.

I doubt my experience will live up to his.

Now this wasn’t some ‘come to Jesus’ vision a la Saul’s (afterward becoming the apostle Paul, of course) vision on the road to Damascus roughly two millenia ago. This was a simple day dream as I spent the roughly 25 minutes in my car en route to my job. But I digress.

I got to thinking about Kinect, Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s motion control for the Wii and future Playstation Move competitor to be released this fall, and my mind began to wander. What if Microsoft could ‘retrofit’ Kinect into previous titles. There are obvious ways to use motion control in FPS (reloading, grenade-tossing, commanding your squadmates, etc) and sports titles, but RPG’s might be a bit more difficult, although certainly not impossible.

Sorry, Commander. Not this time.

My thoughts began to drift, not to Mass Effect 2, but to Dragon Age Origins. I began to see myself (or my character, rather) in the marketplace in Denerim during the final battle against the Darkspawn hordes firing arrows using the motions a normal archer would use. Simply firing off arrow after arrow wasn’t really getting the job done, but pulling the arrow back and focusing my aim worked like a charm. *THISKT!* Arrow right through their eye-socket. That’s one less to deal with. I run (in place) forward until I reach a cart that’s been turned over and kneel down to take cover behind it. Looking around for a few seconds, I notice a Hurlock Emissary (spellcaster) preparing a massive spell (which takes time, of course) so I sprint over to him, motioning to retrieve my double daggers from my back (swapping weapons), then proceed to slice and dice, interrupting his spell before it’s cast. In his now dazed form, he is vulnerable to my backstab attack. Another one kaput.

Never had a chance.

Obviously, you see where I’m going with this. Not only will this create an amazing experience, but it has the potential to be pretty decent exercise as well. While I don’t believe it will come about in this generation of consoles, I hope to see this happen while I still have the ability to use my body. Now I’m no Scott diMonda (love you, dude!), but I’m 30 now, so I’m not sure how much longer I can go and still be able to do things like that.

That said, back to Darkspawn Chronicles and Awakening. God, I love this damn game.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I agree. I think it would be cool to implement Kinect in games like Dragon Age. I just hope that whatever happens, the devs give you the option. As cool as it would be to play like this, I could not see myself lasting for 80 hours of gameplay acting out the controls. I need my sit-down-and-chill-out-while-I-play time as well. Nice story though! A+ 🙂