Critics Choice: 6 XBLA Deals Of The Week

Feel like playing some great XBLA games but want to save a few MSP? Well these deals might just interest you. This we have 6 XBLA games on sale;

Alot of great games there and some great prices too. I went ahead and bought P.B Winterbottom, it has a unique art style and is similar to another platformer; Braid, only less hard. So will you be picking one of these XBLA games up? Let us know.

Thanks Major Nelson!

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  • Just bought PB Winterbottom myself. Almost bought it at 800 points on release but ended up saying “I’ll wait”. I’ll also bought Defense Grid because, well, it’s an awesome game and I’ve never bought it yet. It’s been on sale a few times already, but this time I said I just have to get it now!

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Awesome games at awesome prices. I already own Defense Grid and it is an sweet game. I’m planning on picking up the dlc map packs for it too (80 points for 2 maps). I am definitely going to get P.B. Winterbottom and might pick up Rocket Riot and Chime. i would go for the other two as well, but i already have more games than I’ll ever get to play anyway. :p