Inception Freebies Hit Xbox Live

The summer movie season is in full force, with flicks like Toy Story 3 showing how high the format can go, and Jonah Hex showing how one bad adaptation can ruin a character for the mass market. One the men behind legendary movie The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, has a new film, Inception, (which also includes many cast members of his previous films). Naturally, new movies mean new promotions, and that includes Xbox Live freebies. Themes and gamer pics for Inception are now available on Xbox Live.

The mysterious movie will hit theaters on July 16th. I’ve been looking forward to this flick since the confusing first teaser trailer was revealed, complete with a city folding in on itself. While no game connection has been announced, it’s hard to turn down free stuff, even if it’s straight out advertising. You might just find that you’d like Leonardo DiCaprio as your avatar.

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