Mafia Wars To Take Over the Silver Screen

Well dip my feet in cement and throw me off the pier! It seems that the famous — or is that infamous? — Mafia Wars has been optioned for the silver screen. Radar Pictures recently acquired the film rights to the popular Facebook/iPhone app, which is pretty interesting since that game doesn’t really have any sort of plot. No word on who’s writing nor directing this yet.

I can’t help but shake my head at this news. I’m not sure which is worse; this or the Asteroids film that is being kicked around Hollywood. Do these companies really need to make a movie based on these fairly generic video games?

I’m pretty sure you could make a film about feuding criminal organizations without having to pay Zynga a cent. Actually, boom, there ya go: Feuding Criminal Organizations. That little gem of a title is on the house. “Hey, you guys wanna go see Feuding Criminal Organizations? Ya know, the FCO?”

FCO, coming soon to a theater near you. Fingers crossed on getting Jimmy Cameron to direct.

Information comes via GeekTyrant

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