More Sony Speculation: PSP-4000 Release

Image Courtesy of Siliconera

Apparently it’s some sort of Sony rumor week because these things keep piling in. Japanese retailer Geo listed the PSP-4000 as an upcoming product in their calender. Along with that is a Nintendo 3DS marked for this year. Which is odd because Reggie Fils-Aime has gone on record saying that we would be see a release “in all of our major markets by March 31, 2011”. The Geo calenders are likely to be off by some margin; Siliconera has noticed a discrepancy between the Geo’s claim of an October release of Pokemon Black and White and the date Nintendo has given us (It’s set for September 18th). It’s all very odd, but it doesn’t completely deny the existence of a PSP-4000.

Many people in the industry expected that Sony would announce a full on PSP2 at E3, but we heard no mention of the sort. Could this PSP-4000 be what Sony were hinting at all along? Personally, if they do decide to release a new UMD-based PSP, I will be furious considering that would imply the PSP Go is being pushed under the carpet. Which sucks because I TOTALLY BOUGHT ONE LIKE A SUCKER!

PSP 4000 release this year? [CVG via Siliconera]

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