PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Plus Support and More

According to the PlayStation blog, firmware update v3.40 for the PlayStation 3 will be “available soon” in North America. Foremost on the list of new features is the arrival of PlayStation Plus support. Playstation Plus is Sony’s new service that will allow subscribers access to various exclusive demos, betas, free downloads, and other features. Users will not lose features that are already available on PSN.

Firmware update v3.40 brings with it a new Photo Gallery that will give users the ability to post and comment on various photos through integration with Facebook and Picasa Web Album, as well as a new Video Editor and Uploader on the XMB that will allow users to post and edit videos on Facebook or Youtube. A new five star ratings system will also be available for the PSN store that will let users to rate their purchases.

Lastly, a new Facebook application will be added that will give users the ability to display their PSN information and interact with other PSN users through Facebook.

All in all, firmware update v3.40 appears to add a few nifty features. Of course, we all know these announcements must be taken with a grain of salt. So we’ll see how each of these features plays out in the next day or so.

Source: U.S. Playstation Blog

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  • I’m partially excited about it. 🙂 They have a decent deal on as well, I think it’s buy a year of Plus, get 3 months free.

    • I’m still really on the fence. Qore started out with a good bit of free cool stuff. Now its another sh!tty theme after another and an even bigger waste of money. I am worried PSN Plus will do the same thing.

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I can’t see myself getting Plus anytime soon. I already have 2 years of xbla gold paid for and I don’t really like the PSN setup. Thanks for giving me the lowdown on it though!