Win The Blue Toad Murder Files Episode 1-6 Box Set For PSN!

What’s up Platform Nation community, today we have a great giveaway for you. Relentless Software have compiled every episode from 1-6 of Blue Toad Murder Files into one complete box set and they gave us 2 codes for it to giveaway!
Don’t know what Blue Toad Murder Files is all about? Let me tell you a little bit about it first. Blue Toad Murder Files is a puzzle game intertwined with a murder mystery. Set in the quintessential English village of Little Riddle you play as one of the famous Blue Toad detectives. You solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, use your powers of observation and investigate clues to uncover the strange goings on in this quaint and sleepy village. Read Platform Nations review of Blue Toad Murder Files here!

Now, I hear you asking how do I win one of those codes? Well is pretty simple;

Simply post  a comment  below telling us what your detective name would be?

The winner won’t be picked at random , I will be judging each entry and picking the winner based of creativity and humour. The giveaway ends this Wednesday June 30th at 12pm BST and the two winners will be announced on P*N the following day so make sure and use your real email address so we can contact you. Good luck to all of you that enter.

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  • My name would be Detective Ino Whatyoudid !

  • arctic00

    Detective No Clue Holmes

  • Hmm, now I would say Sherlock Holmes, but that sounds so cliché. So without a doubt, I will have to go with Investigator Detective. Now at first look, it may not make any sense, but let’s think about it. Have you ever seen a name like Investigator Detective? Exactly! Which is why is makes it unique.

  • Yeoman

    Easy, I would name myself after the greatest detective to have ever graced the television, Lt.Columbo.

  • Bryan

    I’d go with Inspector Snooptrace, as I’ve also been known to snoop around. Almost annually, I’ve known every gift I’m getting for Christmas, as I’d find where they were hidden, or I could sneak into the wrapped ones without leaving a trace that I was into it.

  • I’d Call myself Dt.Gordon Brown if i was a detective because i’m rubbish with money and resources, i would scare the —- out of the Queen if i ever went to buckingham palace and i would let the Murderers (Jacqui Smith HAHAHA) get away! lololololol

  • Gekkoton

    I would be Detective U.B.Hayve 😀


    Juan Dering I.

  • A4

    My “Detective” name would be koka

  • Andrew

    My detective name would be Sherlock Tracey, after the first two detectives I ever heard of, Sherlock Hemlock and Dick Tracy. Sherlock Hemlock is the world’s greatest detective, as I learned on Sesame Street, so it must be true.

  • Rodney

    My detectives name would be detective “I know who did it”

  • Bkm

    My name would be Ineeda Klue

  • Killquick

    Let’s try this name on for size, Hung kong Fu-Scooby Doo. Those to cartoons turned me out when I was a kid, btw everyone Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys was the best ever detectives of all time.

  • My Detective name would me… God i swear i knew what it was yesterday before i found this giveaway…
    ok, Detective Marston, Sounds cool + you know you will be dealing with some bad-ass

  • Paul

    My Detective name will be…. Mr. Big Melons, o.O, and I know where you live so I will crush you like a cockroach !!!

    P.D. If you Scramble the letters “BIG MELONS” you will get “MEL GIBSON”

    O.O ROFL

  • weasel699

    i would say Detective Ortin Rakio and it’d be an awesome name

  • XGoozeyX

    If I were a detective, my alias would be “Inspector Specter”. I’d creep in the shadows, gathering information all while keeping my presence unknown to everyone.

  • Grouken

    My detective name would be Sherlock Gadget, intelligence + old school investigation + technology = WIN.

  • Exu

    I am the mathmetical private investigator with a penchant for a ice lollies!

    They call me MAGNUM 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…

  • Leon Durham

    My detective name would be Mark Question. Get it?

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