Metro 2033 Sequel Announced

THQ has announced that a sequel is in the works for Metro 2033, the survival-horror/first-person shooter based in post-apocalyptic Moscow. The sequel,  titled Metro 2034, will feature full 3D. No details have been released yet, but expect developer 4A Games to present a game even better than the original now that they have some solid experience under their belt.

Metro 2033 was generally well received, with a rating of 81/100 on the PC from Metacritic and 77/100 for the Xbox 360 version. The game offered a unique twist on the survival-horror genre, using bullets as both currency and ammunition. The limited HUD helped to immerse gamers in the hellish environment outside the safety of the metro tunnels, and the sense of frailty lead players to careful game-play and genuine terror when faced with some of the more fearsome creatures in the world.

Although Metro 2033 had a relatively self-contained story, it will be interesting to see where 4A Games will take the story. Perhaps the choice made at the end of the game will affect the sequel, à la Mass Effect! Of course, this is all conjecture. Look for more information on Metro 2034 in the next couple of months.

Source: CVG

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  • I just finished Metro a few weeks ago and was generally happy with my experience. That game can be broken in the most hilarious ways though; a lot of crazy glitches. That’s Eastern Euro design for ya’ I suppose.

  • Metro 2034, like Metro 2033, will most likely be based on the book of the same name. Unfortunately the Metro 2034 book hasn’t been translated into English yet as far as I know.

    However, the main character is supposedly Hunter, who both in the Metro 2033 book and game, Artyom only meets briefly in the beginning. From what I understand, the two stories overlap, so you’ll be seeing what Hunter was up to after he left VDNKh/Exhibition.

  • Wedgie

    I may have to give this a try

  • Yes! oh man lots of good news today! I really enjoyed Metro 2033 so this is awesome!

  • emptyaddy

    One of the most atmospheric novels and games in years. Yes, it’s that immersive.

    Not to be played by running and gunning, no. Like the book, this game is best enjoyed hanging on every word and creeping through the subterranean bowls and deserted nuclear armory with savor.