Fable 3 Getting An Episodic Release

At one point, releasing video games in an episodic format appeared to be a good idea, but once it was put into practice it became apparent that wasn’t the case. After the failure of SIN Episodes and the lengthy development time of the Half-Life Episodes, consumers claimed that episodic games would never work. Amidst  all of the failed endeavors, Lionhead Studios had risen to the top with last year’s episodic downloadable release of Fable 2. According to Peter Molyneux the Fable 2 episodes had made $15 Million in revenue 9 months after the game’s retail debut.

Naturally, Lionhead Studios is taking another swing at bat with Fable 3, offering an episodic release of  Fable 3 like its predecessor. The episodes are supposed to hit XBLA “soon after”  the game makes it to retail. Now, Peter wasn’t being very specific and didn’t mention a date  so “soon after” could mean anything. In an attempt to get players hooked, the first episode–which is about an hour long–will be free.


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