Final Fantasy XIV PC Release Date(s) Confirmed; PS3 Version Holding Off For A Minute

You have only a few more months to wipe up the drool...

Today, the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV landed a release date: September 22nd for the collector’s edition, and September 30th for the standard version.

The CE has been priced at $74.99, while the standard version was priced at $49.99. Both prices are in addition to the $12.99 monthly subscription fee that will be needed to play Square Enix’s new MMO. That extra $35 for the CE will get you:

  • One free week of game play
  • A retail disc as opposed to downloading the entire game
  • Behind the scenes DVD
  • A Final Fantasy-branded security token
  • A “travel journal” full of pages of never-before-seen artwork
  • “Right of Passage” – a redeemable voucher to receive your own personalized “Right of Passage” certifcate
  • A full map of Eorzea

All of these special extras are exclusive to the limited collector’s edition. Both the CE and standard versions are available for pre-order now, and you can also head over to Square Enix’s FFXIV beta test sign up site, and take your chances at getting an earlier look-see into the highly anticipated game.

The only bad news here is that the PS3 version has been delayed to a March 2011 release, so, PS3 owners will need to get their JRPG jollies off somewhere else for the time being. Might I recommend White Knight Chronicles?


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