New Yakuza Game Announced for PS3

New protagonist. New gameplay. New outrageously huge back tattoo.

Despite having released Yakuza 4 not too long ago, and the recent announcement of the PSP version Yakuza: New Chapter Black Edition, Sega has announced that a new Yakuza game for the PS3 is already in production.

This time around, series regular Kiryu Kazuma will take a breather, and let another character from the series, Goro Majima, take the lead. Series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi has spoken up about saying, implying that, aside from the obvious change in main character, we can also expect changes in the overall structure of the game. According to an interview with Famitsu magazine, Nagoshi says:

“We won’t change the three pillars that support Yakuza — the drama, the adventure, and the fighting — but we will reposition them as we try to come up with a new kind of game. I want to prove with this new title that Yakuza is still capable of a lot of things. We aren’t going to abandon what made it fun, but I do intend to take a scalpel to the core gameplay.”

No release date was mentioned, and there are no plot details, but, seeing as how Sega has previously released a new Yakuza title almost yearly, I’m betting that we can expect it soon. Yakuza 3’s surprisingly well reception in America has led to Sega choosing to release Yakuza 4 in the west sometime in early 2011. So, let’s hope not only that Yakuza 4 delivers similar results, but that it could also yield this offshoot a home on western shores as well. Yakuza 3 was my first venture into the seedy underbelly of Kamurocho, and I know I certainly can’t wait to get back there and start beating the crap out of gangsters with flaming nunchuks.


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