Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 23

Welcome to this weeks episode of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load, your weekly official P*N Video Game Podcast.

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519) and Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Knight 2).

Our primary objective this week:
– The iPhone 4

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
Jumping Into Motion Controls, by Chris Forbis
Zombrex Dead Rising Sun Movie, by Jennifer Kye
The Walking Dead On AMC, by D. Demitrius Smith
The Gaming Identity Crisis: Casual Vs. Hardcore, by Tym Kaywork
Dragon Age + Kinect = ??? — My Dream Come True, by Patrick Talbert
Why Bother With Day One Purchases?, by Mark Withers
Absurdly-Named Characters, Volume 1, by John McMahon
Why Is Anybody Still Playing CoD?, by Mervyn Robinson
Our Little Milo Is Still Alive, by Patrick Cavasar
Violent Video Games And Underage Gamers, by Stewart Loosemore

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  • Jason Large (BeaArthur)

    Scott is correct, BFBC2 is back to normal after the most recent patch which is great because I have not been able to really enjoy it for the last couple of months. With you guys talking about Crackdown 2 this week and of course I know Scoot and Mark will be picking it up, it got me thinking. Crackdown 2 is one of the few games that actually has the avatar awards that can be unlocked by playing the game instead of buying them from the avatar market place, which is a huge plus for me and means that if it was a multiplatform game that I would be buying the 360 version over the PS3 version. So my question is, how do you decide on the version you buy for multiplatform games? For me, I only buy the 360 version when it’s a shooter that I’m going to play online with my friends. Everything else usually ends up as a PS3 purchase with the exception of games that feature avatar awards because for some reason I love those things, as stupid as they may be.

  • voice message recorded and emailed. Fingers crossed it lands with you.