Portal 2’s Diversity and Discouragement

Hot on the heels of the previous two demo videos, Valve has now released parts four and five of their seven-part series from their private E3 demo videos. These two new clips feature what they call the “Thermal Discouragement Beam” and the “Pneumatic Diversity Vent.”

In classic Aperture Science fashion, these names are both quirky, informative, and yet somehow slightly misleading. I will admit, though, that the Thermal Discouragement Beam is not so much misleading as it is hurting my brain having to think in new ways that I assured myself from an early age I would never have to do. It actually seems to require the same sort of thought pattern as the Excursion Funnel in that you portal them around to reach some final endpoint, but damn it if it still doesn’t seem confusing as hell.

The Pneumatic Diversity Vent, however, is gold all over. Check the diagram at the beginning of the video and read the captions like “Non-Discriminatory Entrance Port.”

Enough reading, though, bring on the videos!

Those sentry gun voices make me feel guilty for wanting to explodinate them.

Source from Kotaku.

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