Transformers: War for Cybertron Double XP Weekend

“Now all we need is a little energon and a lot of XP.”

I’m sure that’s what Optimus Prime would be saying to Ironhide right now as they were loading up the new Transformers: War For Cybertron game for some co-op.  Well this weekend they would be in luck as Platform Nation brings you the news that starting this Friday we can all collect double XP all the way through to Sunday 4th.

What do you mean you haven’t picked the game up yet? Call yourself a Transformers fan!  If you are still undecided on whether to fulfill your childhood dreams of smashing some Decepticon heads or destroying the good for nothing Autobots then jump on over to the review of the game.  In brief, in you are a fan of Transformers you owe it to yourself to buy this and forget the Micheal Bay films.

We wanted to let you know that the guys at High Moon Studios, award-winning developer of Transformers: War for Cybertron, are hosting a double XP multiplayer weekend starting this Friday, July 2nd at 6:00pm PST through Sunday, July 4th.  Anyone playing in multiplayer matches on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC versions of the game will earn double XP rewards and level up faster than ever.

Transformers: War for Cybertron challenges players to become the ultimate weapon as a TRANSFORMERS character in the final, epic war that will determine the survival of their entire race.  Armed with a diverse arsenal of lethal, high-tech weaponry and the ability to instantly convert from robot to vehicle at any time, players will engage in heart-pounding battles on land and in the air in this gripping, 3rd person action shooter set in the TRANSFORMERS’ war-ravaged homeland.  Complete with several multiplayer modes, Transformers: War for Cybertron allows gamers to play through story missions with their friends in drop in/drop out online co-op, and also create their own TRANSFORMERS character for competitive head-to-head multiplayer modes, choosing among four distinct character classes, personalizing its look and selecting from a huge variety of weapons, skills and abilities.

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  • Following what Gears 2 and MW2 have done. Pretty cool though for the people that care about quicker leveling. I guess it’s better than the MMO structure which usually makes you pay for this sort of thing.

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    It’s interesting that they are offering this so early after release.

  • yo