Two New Portal Demo Videos

Despite the deluge of impressive 3D and motion contraptions on display at this year’s E3, Portal 2 was one of my personal highlights. Honestly, yes, I do feel a bit the same about the first Portal as I do about the first BioShock in that a sequel, while a pleasant idea (and decidedly well-executed final product in BioShock 2’s case), is not entirely necessary. The firsts of these two franchises sat so well on their own that revisiting those worlds and those characters feels a bit cheap on the outset.

However, the more I see of Portal 2, the better I feel. I think Valve is trying to capture a bit of the GLaDOS magic again with Wheatley, but I’m glad to hear that there won’t be any cake references. It’s bad enough when people late to the Internet party try to bring up dying or dead memes, but it’s so much worse when the originator of the meme has yet to get the memo and still touts that as its prize.

Anyways, enough ranting, here are the second and third (of seven) demo videos that were shown behind closed-doors at E3. They both show off new gameplay mechanics that are presented as failed Aperture Science projects. Be sure to read the descriptions at the beginning of both videos. My favorite is the Excursion Funnel (which also looks like an absolutely dastardly addition to the already mind-bending nature of Portal).

Keep up with all the latest Portal 2 funsies at the Portal 2 website. Here’s a link to the first video of the series in case you missed it.

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