Blue Toad Murder Files Contest Winners Announced!

So last Monday we put up a contest post to win the Blue Toad Murder Files Box Set. We had quite a few entry’s but only 2 could win. Entrants had to pick a detective name, that was both creative and humorous and from that I picked two winners. I would like to congratulate Ben Turnbull & Luis Salazar who entry’s were very clever and entertaining. Check out the winning entry’s below.

Ben Turnbull’s entry;

I am the mathmetical private investigator with a penchant for a ice lollies!

They call me MAGNUM 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…

Luis Salazar’s entry;

I would be Detective U.B.Hayve
I also want to thank everyone that entered, I would have liked to give you all a code but that was impossible. We currently have another giveaway going on that could get you a Medal of Honor beta code, so check that out. Make sure and keep an eye on Platform Nation for more fun contests and giveaways.

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  • Congrats to all that entered and won! This is a great game, by the way.

  • Exu

    My reliance on Ireland having Magnums was a great success!

    • If it had to be a US staff member picking the winner, I don’t they would have got it.

      • Exu

        Yeah, I don’t think they do Magnums there.
        But I clocked who the staff member was and went for it! Paid off.