Character vs. Character: Nathan Drake vs. Lara Croft

Is Drake’s new hobby raiding tombs? Is Lara ready for some Marco Polo’s ship hunting? This is not a battle based only on strength, but on knowledge, passion, and power. Two of the greatest and bravest adventurers face each other to see who will prevail!

Character Background

Nathan Drake: A witty and reckless adventurer and history connoisseur who has witnessed humanity’s most improbable events… you know, little things like finding a Nazi submarine in a tropical island, or an ancient world deep within the Himalayas which holds the secrets of true power.

Lara Croft: An archeologist who has everything a girl could want: A smocking body, lots of experience and a huge lot of money.

Character Weapons / Powers

Nate has at his disposal a huge array of deadly weapons. In addition, he is very good at kicking butt and risking his ass with acrobatics.

Arsenal: This skill lets Mr. Drake to use every weapon he encounters proficiently.
Ass-Kicking Awesomeness: This happens when the only weapon in sight is the one pointing in between your eyes.
Acro-Nate: After escaping a dangerous situation, what better thing to do than climbing a ridiculously tall cliff or structure?

Not unlike Drake, Lara also knows her way through a variety of weapons. Oh, and she kicks butt with style.

Boobs: Lara does what Nate does, but she has what he doesn’t have. And that’s the deadliest weapon ever.

The Battle

Lara is at her mansion. It’s been a while since she has put a foot inside a tomb. Now that she’s married, she wanted to settle down a bit, and keep getting top level education. However, she’s incredibly bored and is becoming incredibly desperate about that.

One day, she’s reading peacefully, when a servant comes in, agitated.

-“Ma’am! Mr. Lazarevic has been killed!”

Lara stays quite. She still doesn’t believe her husband is dead. But still she’s not going to cry. The look in her eyes only want revenge.

Meanwhile, Nathan Drake is in a Nepalese village getting a well deserved rest, and enjoying the company of his recurring girlfriend, Elena.

-“Don’t you think this is perfect?” Asks Elena.
-“I don’t know. I’d like a pizza you know?”
-“Oh Nate… I seriously wish one day you could tell me something nice…”

Suddenly they start hearing a lot of screaming and running. Nate shouts Elena to stay down while he tries watching through a window what was going on. Drake manages to see a bunch of people in black, with guns, firing at the villagers and promoting the terror.

-“People is killing the villagers” Says Nate.
-“What? Lazarevic is dead!”
-“I know. For now let’s get out of here”.

Nate and Elena sneaked out of the cabin they were in, and saw a helicopter flying nearby, which kept flying forward until it reached a peak, where a girl amazingly jumped out of the aircraft. She landed at the peak and started climbing.

-“Whoa, did you see that?” Asked Nate.
-“Finally someone is better than you, huh?

With no place else to go, the couple take course to the peak the girl was climbing, in order to get some answers.

Several hours passed, and Nate and Elena were still climbing through that dangerous cliff, without even having the faintest idea of what was going on. Suddenly a they hear a gunshot. The girl they saw before is pointing at them with two handguns. Nate instructs Elena to climb a lot faster, exerting diagonal trajectories so the chances to get shot could be lowered. Amazingly enough, Drake managed to climb at an almost inhuman pace, and run towards the girl to push her.

-“Who the hell are you? Why are you shooting the village and us?”

The girl had a really angry glance. But she was really quite. Her hands were holding both handguns so tightly they were almost shaking. The girl began to slowly move her left hand. It was moving too slowly for Nate to suspect she was up to something.

-“Why did you kill my husband” Asked the girl.
-“Your… your husband? I don’t even know you lady!”
-“You killed Zoran… and ruined my life”
-“… what? you mean… Lazarevic?… man I thought he was too repulsive to have a girlfri…”

Suddenly a gun gets fired. The girl’s left hand was properly raised, letting her point the gun at Elena’s head, who was still struggling to climb. A soft smile adorns the girls face, while she claims to be Lara Croft. A name very familiar to Nathan, as she was an archeological celebrity Nate idolized when young.

It doesn’t take long for Nate to realize what had happened: That beautiful and voluptuous girl was indeed Zoran Lazarevic’s wife. She was expecting him to find Shambhala and the Cintamani Stone so she could steal it the easy way, getting even more powerful in the process. Lara’s know getting revenge for having to do all the work by herself, but more importantly, Elena is dead. Elena is not coming back. Nothing nice was said to Elena before she died. Nate emotionally collapses. Lara still smiles. Revenge had taken place, it was served cold.

One of Lara’s handguns points at Nathan. She prepares to fire once and for all. She’s too confident to realize Nate was already below her arm, ready to perform his famous melee block. The gun flies away, and Nate and Lara quickly begin to share punches and kicks. Both of them fight good. Both of them fight because their hearts boils with anger and revenge.

The fight is really close. Both fighters are really injured by now. But Nate’s conviction is fueled by love, and it gives him the edge in the final blow. Drake throws an incredibly powerful punch at Lara’s face, letting her unconscious.

Nathan breaths agitated but in peace.

A helicopter appears behind him, and a machine gun starts to roll.

Unfortunately for Nate, Lara was heavily guarded, so while he knocked her out, it was still a lost fight by a large margin. The machine gun destroys Nathan’s body completely.

Lara’s unconscious body still manages to have a smile printed on her face.

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  • This was quite lame. especially the ending. For the most part, the characters did not seem like themselves.

    • rawshark

      exactly what i thought.

      anyway, what was the pont of the whole backstory shit?

      them two being greedy bastard treasure hunters should be reason enough for them to clash if they crossed paths, both intending to become stupidly rich.

  • rn

    NOooo! Elena

  • Luillo

    WTF with this shit, I mean ¿lol?

    Lara is not that way… she’s not a cold blood killer! And Nathan… well he’s a jerk but, he’s cool… and WTF WITH LARA BEING WIFE OF LAZ.

    Gosh.. at least write something more interesting. And less wtf.

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