Mario Kart: Keeps the Doctor Away?

Apparently doctors now a days are prescribing a heavy dose of videos to improve eyes? In recent studies, some videos games have proven to improve the eye site of children who have “lazy eye” or amblyopia which could become permanent later down the line if not treated. This has only been proven in one case, but there seems to be come hope in playing video games despite all the negative feed back throughout the years.

The brave soul, Ben Micheals was the test subject that has made this speculation more and more solid has his eye sight has been increasingly improving as he’s been playing Mario Kart DS. He has been wearing an eye patch to study his progress throughout this “treatment”. I don’t know about you, but that’s the best treatment I’ve seen since the birth of the vacation.

This just opens a door way for many more children to be tested and for video games to have very positive and almost life saving image within the public eye after the decades of demoralizing false ideals thrown upon them.


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