Over Saturation And Who’s To Blame

Huge Game Collection

Might be time to cut back a bit

As more and more press events and game reveals go by, it becomes painfully obvious that the games industry is becoming stagnant and/or repetitive. Just think about E3 that just went by. Dance games, fitness games, rehashes, and remakes. Who is to blame for the bulk of this, is it the industry heads, or is it the consumer?

It would be easy to blame it all on the the big wigs. They see the numbers, most of the time they like what they see and they call down the thunder to make it happen again and again. Who can blame them, really? It just makes sound business sense. Everyone can say all day long that EA, Harmonix, Neversoft, and Red Octane are over saturating the market with more versions of plastic instruments and rhythm games than any one person can buy. “Gamers” are quick to blame everyone in the suits and ties for all the crap that clutters their local game shop, but really, it’s not their fault.

Consumers. With out consumers throwing down hard earned money on the most ridiculous shovel-ware to hit the market Corporations would have no reason to fill their order. I have yet to understand why people complain about a game release like say, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, and then they go out and buy the thing. You are the problem. I remember at one point there was a boycott of the newest Modern Warfare game because of the dedicated servers issue. Thousands signed up saying that they would NEVER purchase the game if it wasn’t rectified. Kinda makes you wonder how many of those people went out day one and still bought the game. It’s like the alcoholic or the crack addict that knows that their life is being torn apart by their habit but they are powerless to stop themselves from using again.

Education. Educating the general public is also something that the games industry should do. More sites need to tell the truth about games. If a game sucks, and by that I mean it is completely unplayable, someone needs to tell you BEFORE you buy it. Think of little Timmy that just wants the newest Call of Duty game for his birthday and his mother goes out and buys him Duty Calls because she doesn’t know any different. Now I realize that review scores and such are all subject to the individual. However education is why reviews even exist. I think as time goes by and the gaming industry gets more praise and more respect as a viable billion dollar money maker, people will do better to educate themselves. However, there are still many people out there that make purchases based solely on pretty pictures and box quotes.

Sites such as Platform Nation are here to allow the consumer access to “real life” peoples reviews. Heads of companies most of the time want you to buy anything and everything that they put in front of you. Again it’s just makes for good business. However, the onus is on you the consumer to find a game that suits your likes so that you can buy something that you will  actually WANT them to make a sequel to. So the next time you complain about EA making yet another version of Rock Band (possibly this time for Winger) just be sure that all the other versions aren’t sitting at home on your shelf first.

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