Steven Artlip Newest Xbox MVP

This isn’t your ordinary post and it shouldn’t be.  I wanted to say Congratulations to our very own Steven Artlip (Steve519) for his recent accomplishment as one of the newest inductees of Xbox MVP program.  I wanted to add Steve’s bio (below) as we all know Steve but we don’t always know what he does behind the scenes of Platform Nation, but the MVP program has noticed and there couldn’t have been a better choice than Steve.  So stop by and congratulate him as the newest member of the MVP program.

Name: Steven Artlip
Age 30
Podcast: P*N Lock and Load
How long podcasting: Since March 06 I believe

As for about me I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this awesome website,  A site that we started for our community and to give us and our fellow podcasters a stronger voice in the community, with gamers, developers and publishers.

Before all my gaming time I actually spent 5 years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps working on CH-46 helicopters, those were some really great times.

When my time was up in the Marine Corps I moved back to Seattle (where I was born) and started working for the US Post Office, a job that I am still doing, full time, to today.

Many years ago I started my gaming “career” as a podcaster over at XBL Radio and that is where and when I really started to break into the community and when I really started seeing how great our community really is.  After about a couple years of doing that show I left to start up Platform Nation and if you have been one of those that have followed us from day one then you know of how we have evolved the site into what it is today, a thriving gaming community that cares more about our readers and listeners more then anything else.    All this while trying to juggle a full-time job at the Post Office as well as trying to raise my awesome 18 month old daughter with my amazing wife to the best of my ability.

My XBL GT, PSN ID, Twitter and Facebook is Steve519.

This bio was posted on P*N November 6, 2009 and now he has something more to add to his bio,awesome job Steve!

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  • Congrats Steve, it’s quite an accomplishment!

  • Ben Lehman(wargamer17)

    That’s awesome! Congrats Steve.

  • thats great news. Can we all get the new slimmer Xbox 360s as gifts in celebration?

  • congrats dude!

  • I want to congratulate Steve for all of his accomplishments that he has made for himself, Steve has been awesome to me since I started with P*N and has allowed me the chance to be involved in this awesome site and community and get my chance to write for a site that has always been community minded and all around great to be with.

    Thanks Steve and keep it up!

  • GUI J

    After all we have been through, it is about time! Here is to getting more members of Platform Nation on the MVP list!

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Rock On Steve! I’m older than you but I’m just an infant to the P*N Community. Saying that, I can already tell how awesome this place is and I hope to enjoy many years to come working for you. Congratulations on your MVP and also thank you for helping to keep freedom around the world so places like P*N can exist.

  • Awesome! It’s about time you get recognized!

    So when do the strippers arrive at your door?

  • Way to go man!

  • I’m in for strippers —

    congrats, Steve. Not hard to see why you were picked, but I’m glad others recognized it as well.