Lionhead Releases Fable III Combat Video

Lionhead has posted a new combat video on their website, and before I tell you all the awesome things about it, how about I just show you? The video takes place in a snow-covered forest, where a little girl has run into some trouble…

Sexy, eh? Now for a little breakdown. It looks like there will be random events that trigger a mini cut-scene of sorts, which sounds pretty awesome to me. Magic looks like it’s been taken up a notch, with some pretty powerful looking fire spells used in the video. If you pause the video at :35, you can see our hero firing his gun over the back of his shoulder. Cool stuff! There are also more enemies on screen than I ever saw in Fable II. It looks like your trusty dog will be staying out of battle, however.

Towards the end of the video, we see a new action available (hold hands with the girl), and “Neutral” appear on the bottom of the screen. I would assume that would be either the hero’s or the villager’s current good/evil orientation, since “Ella the Villager” appears right below “Neutral.”

Overall, the combat and environment are looking great. Although Molyneux has a tendency to exaggerate and hype up his Fable games a bit, I have never been disappointed by one. From the looks of things, this next iteration in the series won’t be a disappointment either.

What do you think? Is there anything important I missed? Comment your thoughts!