Spreading The Love

So, you play games. Itching to branch out into comics, but don’t know where to start? Look no further.
Do you like Alan Wake? Then you might like:
*RASL- A dimension hopping art thief’s past quickly starts catching up with him. Created by Jeff Smith, the author of Bone. This is wildly different in tone from that series- not for kids.
*Locke and Key- This book is all about keys. Each key does a special thing. To say any more would ruin the experience of this amazing series. Written by horror writer Joe Hill, with art by the super-talented Gabriel Rodriguez.
Do you like Bayonetta? Then you might like:
*Empowered- The book Adam Warren was born to create. Empowered is the most tongue in cheek, heat-warming cheesecake fiction out there.
*Power Girl- Forget Wonder Woman, Power Girl is the greatest female hero in the DCU. Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner’s definitive run on the series just wrapped up.
Do you like Heavy Rain? Then you might like:
*Black Sad- One of the best detective stories out there. With animals. Dark Horse recently put out a remastered hardcover of the entire series. You would do well to check it out.
*Punisher Max- Start with Garth Ennis’ run on the title, and then move on to the current Jason Aaron run. This is The Punisher how he’s meant to be- hard-boiled. Some of the best recent crime fiction out there.
Do you like GTA? Then you might like:
*Criminal- A series of mini-series title that never fails to please. Each arc focuses on a different character in a sprawling city filled with the dregs of society.
*Parker- Darwyn Cooke’s first adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker novels was a highlight of last year for me. Volume two is due out in the fall.
Do you like Left 4 Dead? Then you might like:
*28 Days Later- A year ago, Walking Dead would have been in this slot. What a difference a year can make. Not being a fan of the films, I was reluctant to check out the series, but I’m glad I did. This is the best zombie/horror book on the stands today.
*I, Zombie- And now for something completely different. I, Zombie is Vertigo’s newest series, focusing on a girl doing her best to keep up appearances despite being the living dead. It’s quirky fun.
Do you like the Mass Effect series? Then you might like:
*REBELS- DC’s ongoing sci-fi epic. Maybe the best ongoing sci-fi book next to Star Wars Legacy (which is sadly coming to an end shortly).
*Guardians of the Galaxy- GOTG Just might be the best book Marvel’s put out in the past 5 years. What makes this series stand head and shoulders above most others is the character interaction. Also? Rocket Raccoon.

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