An End and a Beginning

ds1-start-finish-lineIt seems like such a simple week. Kinda slow. Right before a big holiday weekend (at least in The States).

Oh, but you are wrong. Much has been afoot for GameHounds. And there’s a lot of news to tell, both good and bad.

Let’s start with the bad — that way we can end on a high note.

As of July 7, Cooper Hawkes will no longer be part of the GameHounds staff.

Yeah. Hits us in the gut, too. But don’t worry, it’s not a drama-filled break-up a la Jen and Brad. He did not leave us for Angelina Jolie. That sexy, sexy hussy.

No really. He’s just been swamped with life and had to make some hard decisions. We wish him the best.

He will be around for one more show, so you’ll have a chance to say good-bye. Feel free to leave a voice mail (530-55-GAME-5) or an email to offer your bon voyage wishes.

Now for the good news: As of July 15, will become a full-fledged, grown-up website. We will begin to offer content from a new batch of writers. Some of these will be familiar names, some will be new, but all are talented, fun, funny and informative. We’re looking to give you more of a full-bodied content experience (kinda like Angelina Jolie).

So start looking for reviews, news, and opinion pieces right here on come July 15. We’re looking forward to this, and we hope you like what we’re going to be doing.

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