The Blending Of TV And Video Games

Now, more than ever, we are seeing the line between TV and video games become a blurred mess. Your console can watch TV shows through SkyTV, stream movies from Netflix and watch DVDs.  Now that Hulu Plus is headed to consoles along with ESPN for the Xbox 360, you would be hard pressed to find many shows that you watch that aren’t available online or through your Xbox.  Also let’s not forget your TV may be connected to the internet to watch Youtube or look at the front page of Yahoo.

The future?

Microsoft and Sony are clearly trying to monopolize your TV.  Their vision of your entertainment center has your TV, and an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 in mind, and that’s it. No cable box, no DVR, no DVD player.  So why hasn’t this reality come true yet?   What will Sony and Microsoft have to do to make me give up my 600+ channels altogether?

  • I should be able to record shows for later, or at least archive shows on Hulu Plus.
  • All shows should be available in HD, duh.
  • All sporting events need to be shown live.
  • An easy way to view all channels.  The Netflix interface is already starting to bulge at the seams with all the movie titles.  If Live is truly going to replace DirectTV, at least make it less painful to find the show I want to watch.
  • Acquire more content from places like MTV, Discovery, and more.
  • Although the technical aspects would be immense, what if you could import a Martha Stewart show into a cooking simulator?  Or what if you could simulate a sports match with the difficulty adjusted to reflect the actual result?  For example, Germany just beat Argentina 4-0.  So if you played that match in FIFA as Argentina, the difficulty would be spiked heavily against you to try to reflect the real time results.

That is all I have for right now.  What would it take for you to leave your current TV provider as I would love to cancel my satellite subscription if it would save me $30 a month.    Leave a comment below, I want to hear what you think!

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  • Gern

    You are forgetting the Wii in this article. My family spends a lot of time watching Netflix on the Wii, and better yet it is free. Also, the Wii has a internet browser for free. Netflix will send you a Wii disc and Nintendo doesn’t charge you for access. I have an xbox 360 also, but I don’t pay for the gold subscription, and it really sucks that Microsoft has the Netflix tied up with the gold subscription. Also, xbox has to be configured with a media center PC to use an internet browser with it. By the way, I do not have a PS3, I can’t comment.

    If the Hulu and ESPN service come out on xbox 360 with no “extra” charges, then I will pay for and xbox live Gold membership to get those features. Until then, I don’t think Microsoft is serious about replacing cable TV yet.