WoW Gets In On The Fitness Craze

This past April, ShrinkGeek teamed up with to start a new fitness series appropriately named Buff(ing) for BlizzCon. The goal is for employees to spend the months prior to the event shaping up. The series runs bi-weekly and updates on employees’ success are posted bi-monthly. The idea is to give WoWheads the motivation to be healthier as well.

While several of the readers feel that the series is too off based, I have to say I disagree. The website is there to fulfill all of the players’ needs and I would say their health fits that bill. I know too many players that barely make time to shower, much less cook a healthy meal. I think trying to do more than just make a buck is commendable.

There are a few areas that could use addressing, such as the undernourished gamer. Yes, many gamers choose fast, fattening food and yes, that leads to many of them being overweight, but they are not the only ones who could use some help. I, for one, am the type to forget to eat mid-game so I’m not going to be inclined to heat up last night’s leftovers (as suggested in the latest post).

Another issue is simply motivation. While the authors do point out the time spent on preparing for raids and obtaining gear, I just don’t see the husband that’s on the verge of divorce because he can’t pull himself away long enough to satisfy his wife as one to suddenly start researching healthy delivery alternatives. A player like this may need some added motivation other than just being told they already waste plenty of time and could start spending some time reaping the rewards of non-laziness. But for those who already know they want to make a change, help is closer than ever.

With the rising importance of fitness in gaming, Blizzard has clearly taken the plunge. Though, the team has set its goal for this year’s BlizzCon, the overall effort is to push gamers to take that first step. Now, if only they would stop making those delicious sugary drinks.


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  • Thanks for the kind words; I’m alternately amused and exasperated by the blow-back our series of articles has gotten (seriously, folks, it’s once every two weeks; people need a break from Cataclysm beta notes).

    I think that exercise, as well as gaming, need to be put in the appropriate slot in someone’s list of priorities – the hypothetical dude you mention needs to pull his head out of his @$$ about more than his dietary habits.