Tunes Tied To Trailers

I seem to get the best ideas when on my way to my job. Fancy that, eh?

At any rate, this week, my thoughts drifted songs that are used with game trailers. When marketing departments release trailers, often the trailer is paired with a song that sets the tone for the events in the video.

Dragon Age Origins — Marilyn Manson — ‘This is the New Sh*t’

When I listen to this song now, I can just imagine myself getting ready to carve up some Darkspawn with my daul-wielding Rogue. And isn’t that the most important part of Dragon Age? Indeed. Well done, EA/BioWare.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 — Queens of the Stone Age — ‘Millionaire’

The best part about this pairing is that it’s an uptempo track for an uptempo game. The tune perfectly suits the events of the trailer.

Lost Odyssey — Jefferson Airplane — ‘White Rabbit’

I’m sure that when Jefferson Airplane wrote ‘White Rabbit’, they didn’t expect it to be paired with a Japanese RPG, but that’s what happened, and it made for one of my (and other’s) favorite game trailers ever. If you listen to the words of the track, and have played the game, you can completely understand the pairing and why it was chosen. Amazing work.

Gears of War — Gary Jules — ‘Mad World’

It truly is a mad world in Gears’ fictional universe filled with ruined human cities and Locust-filled tunnels below. I can practically smell the Immulsion in the proverbial air. At any rate, the tune set a fantastic mood for the story that we would see unfold in Gears of War 1 and 2, and which we will see continued in Gears of War 3 next April.

Mercenaries 2 — Wojahn Brothers — ‘Oh No You Didn’t’

This track was specifically written for the trailer and I don’t think another team could have done a better job. The Wojahn’s did the track completely a capella (and did it quite well, to be honest) and it’s perfect. OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

Crackdown 2 — Richard Swift — ‘Would You’

This is one of the newer trailers on this list, but it’s on here because the track perfectly suits not only the events of the trailer, but also because there’s a lot of blowing stuff up throughout the entire game.

What’d you think of my list? If you can think of any that I missed, please leave them in the comments!

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  • Agree with all your choices, but there are quite a few others out there but I know you couldn’t put them all in your article. Here is one I think fits the game perfect, and it’s the Little Big Planet 2 Debut Trailer: Awesome so it is!

  • Steven Buccini (pickanumber123)

    The music in Halo ODST’s live action trailer was perfect. I also liked the music in There are more I know I am missing, but I will post those later.