DeathSpank At A Glance


A. Fatality for new Mortal Combat character, Deathnaut

B.  Rare and fatal condition resulting from a really, really hard spank

C.  New action RPG title starring a character by the same name that melts face for fun

So, whaddya think? Personally, I always go with the longest choice and/or the one that contains alliteration. Process of elimination brings us to C. Survey says…

C is correct!!

I was hoping it was C, because I have a weak spot for RPGs. DeathSpank, developed by Hothead Studios and published by EA, is coming to PSN on July 13 and XBLA on July 14. There is no demo and only the privileged few can play it, so all you can do is drool over the gameplay pictures and videos.

What will DeathSpank really be like? We have little choice but to accept the “Diablo meets Monkey Island” analysis seen in every article (now including this one). That’s not all bad, considering Diablo was groundbreaking as an action RPG and Monkey Island was interesting to say the least. The true test will be its acceptance as a downloadable, $15 indie game; I consider Castle Crashers to be the gold standard when it comes to the Xbox Live Arcade.

As of right now, DeathSpank will not feature online play of any kind; only 2-player, local coop is supported, with your friend acting as the wizard sidekick Sparkles. Castle Crashers offers 4-player, online play AND an awesome soundtrack that fit perfectly with the art and animation. Much has been said of DeathSpank before it has spent a minute in the harsh retail world. Does DeathSpank have what it takes to unseat C2 as the best game on XBLA?

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