NiGHTs Into Fourteen Years Of Dreams

On July 5th, 1996, a new hero flew into our lives… and into our dreams. This androgynous hero, bringing with him a new, more analog control scheme, flew above our heads, through hoops and fountains, and even brought a little Christmas joy with his friend Sonic the Hedghog later in the year. NiGHTS Into Dreams was released on the Sega Saturn alongside their new analog controller, setting the stage for platformers ever since. Sure, Nintendo created the concept of the analog controller, but SEGA beat them to market on it. Yes, only half the game was really 3D, with the other half being 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. Still, NiGHTs Into Dreams was awesome.

From there, all we’ve gotten is six issues of a comic book from Archie Comics (and if anyone has issues 1-3, I want them for my collection) alongside a Nintendo Wii sequel. While the sequel was effectively panned across the board, it still meant that SEGA was willing to do things with these characters. Additionally, the game was remastered on the PS2 in Japan, sadly never reaching America. Being a fan favorite character, though, NiGHTs has shown up in multiple SEGA games, especially those favoring all their brands, including All-Star Racing and Superstar Tennis.

Maybe it’ll come out as a downloadable title one day.

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