Sweet Tooth Gets His Licence Renewed

Alright, so David Jaffe may have pulled a Houdini (i.e. he was a master of misdirection) when asked about there being a new Twisted Metal, but this year’s E3 set that record straight. Sadly, excited as they may be, die hard Twisted Metal fans won’t be able to get their hands on the latest iteration until sometime next year.

However, for those of you who absolutely cannot wait, PSN has a surprise for you. Later this week, for the low low price of only $1.99 — What am I, a snake oil salesman? — you, too, can buy this nifty new Sweet Tooth mod for ModNation Racers.

And, of course, where would our crazy clown be without his trusty Ice Cream Kart.Information comes via PlatStation Blog’s ModNation Monday

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