XBL Deal of the Week: Arcade Action

This week’s Deal of the Week is the arcade action edition! We have a selection of choices to choose from which I will list below.

Action Arcade Edition Normal Price Deal Price Savings
Mega Man 10 800 400 50%
Afterburner Climax 800 400 50%
Scrap Metal 1200 800 33%
Death by Cube 800 400 50%

My choice this week if I could only pick one would be Afterburner Climax. The game is awesome, full of adrenaline and high paced action and for 400msp it’s a must buy. If you played the demo and disagree with me, that’s because the demo doesn’t really showcase what the game has too offer. Tell Platform Nation what you will be or won’t be picking up this week, and remember these deals are only for Xbox Live Gold members.

Thanks Major Nelson!

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Thanks for the info Boss! Don’t think I’ll be picking any of the deals up this week.

  • Patrick Cavasar

    I agree with you sir, Afterburner Climax is really looking sweet to me. Guess I’ll have to put some more points on my account. D:

  • Some good deals but won’t be taking advantage of any. Already have Mega Man 10 (won a code and think it’s ok), and Scrap Metal (awesome game. Best deal this week IMO). Not interested in the others. After Burner Climax looks ok, but very disorienting and nauseating by the looks of it. Haven’t tried the demo. And then there is Death by Cube. It doesn’t look that great. I don’t mind dual stick shooters, but this one is a pass.