Unsung Heroes Of Video Games – Vol. 1

Hello Platform Nation Readers. Welcome to my new mini-series “Unsung Heroes Of Video Games”. Over the next few weeks, I will be paying tribute to some people who make our video games an enjoyable experience, but never get any credit for what they do. Heck, some people may not even know these heroes exist. If it weren’t for these amazing people, our games would loose that edge that makes them so satisfying to play.

Ever wonder what happens to all of those dead bodies and pools of blood we create while playing our games? Well for my first Unsung Hero, let’s give tribute to the cleaning ladies.

Now most of us have never even seen these hard working women in our games, but trust me, they are there. They are content just hiding out in the shadows or out back, probably smoking some cheap cigarettes and drinking coffee, but when it’s time to clean they take to action like The Flash. These cleaning ladies (I imagine them in dirty, faded mustard-yellow dresses with blue and white flowered aprons and a hair net) are experts at their profession. Within seconds after you leave a room, they will rush in with their buckets, mops, and cleaners. They will take out the dead bodies, mop up the floor and even straighten the flowers so when you reenter the room it will look as if nothing ever happened.

Imagine now if you were playing a game of Silent Hill or Resident Evil or whatever and the cleaning ladies were on holiday! There would be bodies piled to the ceiling and buckets of blood all over the place. That would make for some rough traveling through the mansions, hotels, and other fine establishments that need explored. It would also make for one hell of a stench. Thankfully though, they never do go on holiday and they will always be present in your game, doing the dirty work.

Cleaning ladies of the video game world, I Salute You!

Stay tuned next Tuesday when I pay tribute to another Unsung Hero of the video game world.

*Author’s Note: This article is a work of fiction and is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take it seriously. Thank you.

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