APB’s Human Avatar

APB: All Points Bulletin features something that comes pretty standard with MMOs nowadays: character creation and customization. However, Realtime Worlds has decided to take their marketing of this aspect a step further than the norm; that is, they will allow players to vote on how they customize a real person.

I’m not just talking about a new haircut or some fresh threads (though those are included), but among the six stages of the project, the human avatar (don’t worry, it’s completely unrelated to the Human Centipede) will additionally undergo new piercings and tattoos before being recreated in the game with APB’s “customization engine.” Sound crazy? Good, because it is.

Currently, the project is in its very initial phase of selecting the person to customize, though it appears Josh will be handily taking the majority of the votes as it currently stands as Josh, a 25 year old free runner, at 74% and Jordan, a 25 five year old dancer, at 26%.

If you want to take part in this ridiculousness or even just keep tabs on what barbarous shenanigans APB will allow upon one of these hapless chaps, you can check out the Human Avatar site or follow it on Twitter. Or you can get your APB on once this is all over and see the dude in real life (in the game).

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