Craigslist User Willing To Pay For a Job In Game Industry

The job market in the game industry is a competitive one and some people are willing to do anything to get their spot. Seriously, some people will do ANYTHING, like offer $1000 on Craigslist to get a job.

New York based animator/designer going by the name “True” is doing exactly that. Through a Craigslist ad, True has offered to pay $1000 to anyone who’s willing to “pull him through the door”. True claims that he has all the experience required to make it in the biz, including 15 years as a graphic designer and 4 years in “gaming”, but has found that it isn’t cutting it anymore. “As you know, competition for jobs is more intense than ever, particularly now that many companies are hiring outside of the U.S.” He’s currently asking for a full-time salaried job that’s based in New-york.

The lengths that some people are willing to go is stunning sometimes. I’m hopeful that True has some luck in finding a gig. I doubt that this ad will get him anywhere, but you never know what can happen. As someone who has aspirations to become a journalist in the game industry someday and has realized how hard it is to do so, I can understand what this guy might be going through.


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  • Patrick Cavasar

    If only I had a spare $1000 dollars…I mean what?