2K Wants To Be Like Mike…Kinda?

Its Micheal Baby!

It seems like 2K Sports is making some more noise, but this time it might be in the right direction. 2K has shown their NBA 2K11 art, Mr MJ himself. That isn’t the reason why they are making noise, they have proclaimed him the “greatest basketball player alive”. I just cant help the smile on my face folks. The art is amazing to say the least, but to make that statement, gives 2K just a tiny bit more of swagger in my opinion. This could be the best selling 2K title they have ever put out just for the simple fact that a basketball, Bulls, and the number 23 are all together on the cover.

The discussions will be made and of course debated, until Hades freezes over, but it will all come down to the same solution, they did something special here, and was the first to throw themselves out there. You don’t see Nolan Ryan on MLB 2K11 now do you? On second thought lets not put the thought of the MLB and Micheal Jordan in the same discussion…It always helps to have a old face on a new title instead of the newest winner or up coming kid on the block. But what do you folks think? Please do let me know.

Source: Yahoo! Video Games

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